Defund the wall, Fund our future Mural Campaign Video

Veterans United to Stop the Wall Join the No Border Wall Coalition

 Veterans United To Stop The Wall is a new wing of the No Border Wall Coalition and is composed of Laredo veterans young and old, both men and women, from different political parties, who served in every branch of the military. Official statement by Veterans United To Stop The Wall - hyperlink “We joined […]

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CBP Wastes More Taxpayer Money with Two New Wall Contracts
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“DEFUND THE WALL, FUND OUR FUTURE,” massive street mural completed

 More than 100 masked volunteers took to the streets of Laredo over the weekend to send a powerful message to Washington DC: “Defund The Wall” and instead “Fund Our Future.” People of all ages, including a group of grandmothers and numerous children, celebrated on Sunday morning the completion of the monumental project. They called […]

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