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Laredo Landowners Continue to Fight Wall Plans in Laredo
Texas Monthly - 12/07/2020

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Legal Challenge in border wall condemnation suit argues Trump Administration violates "Just Compensation" clause of 5th Amendment, July 14, 2020

Lawsuit argues violation of 5th Amendment "Equal Protection" clause against President Trump, Secretary Chad Wolf and Commissioner Mike Morgan, July 7, 2020

        President Trump stood in front of the White House this July 4th and declared that the Americans who protested and demanded that their government fulfill the promise laid out 244 years ago, that all men are created equal, that these Americans were traitors to his America. Because these Americans stood up and called for justice, because they refused to be silent, because they believe in this ultimate promise of equality, President Trump called them “the radical left, the Marxists, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters, and people who, in many instances, have absolutely no clue what they are doing.”

This disdain he has shown for ordinary citizens is not new. He kicked off his campaign denigrating communities of color, labeling our Latino community in particular as rapists, drug dealers, and murderers. The scorn he showed as he condemned protesters who demand this country take down statues to white supremacy, statues that were placed to remind communities of color that the white men rule, this should never be heard from any American President. In inciting ugliness, fear and division, Trump completely ignored the uniqueness of the American promise. Even Thomas Jefferson understood that, in this country, protest is the highest form of democracy. Americans who hold their leaders to account are true citizens. Americans who demand that their Government fulfill that promise of freedom and amend the antiquated language of the Constitution to include everyone — all genders regardless of race, color and creed — in order to form a more perfect union, these Americans are truly the foundation of democracy.

This filing today reflects this basic demand. We are citizens. We are not to be dismissed. Discrimination will not be tolerated. Just because we live on the border does not mean we give up our lawful protections of Clean Air, Clean Water, and a Healthy Environment. We do not intend to die as a result of the impacts of flooding because of this stupid barrier. The disguise of security does not diminish our rights as Citizens to hold property. Even Eminent Domain requires a respect for laws and certainly the justification of a public purpose, based on evidence. What this Administration has made clear is that our lives hold less value, simply because we live on the border.

Mr. Trump’s disdain for the Latino community is clear. His disdain for the Rule of Law is crystal clear. But there are no Constitution-free zones in the United States. And with this lawsuit, we intend to show just that. We demand that the Courts Restore our rights, we demand that the Administration abide by a process that will show how damaging, wasteful and unnecessary a Wall is. We demand to be equal citizens under laws that exist to protect all citizens, regardless of where we live and what our heritage is.

Laredoan, riverfront property owner in Zapata County, and plaintiff,
Melissa R Cigarroa

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