If you have been approached by Fisher Sand & Gravel, the State of Texas, or a private company representing the State (for example, Universal Field Services) to sign an easement to build a Border Wall on your property in exchange for money, DO NOT SIGN.

First, learn the truth.

Talk to fellow landowners along the Rio Grande to hear the facts about what Fisher Sand & and Gravel are planning to do to your land. If you sign, you may lose access to your land. The wall will carve a PATH OF DESTRUCTION that will ruin the value of your property – forever – and harm your community. It is a danger to people and wildlife.

The good news is that if you refuse to sign, you can protect the value of your land. There may also be better financial options available to you if you choose not to sign.

We can offer you expert legal advice today - free of charge.

Rio Bravo - Pastor David Delgado: 956-763-0274;
El Cenizo - City Hall 956-724-5916 (Mayor Carina Hernandez)

Leave a message with your information here and we will get back to you right away: 956-718-9879

The border wall will ruin the value of your property.

The giant steel wall will be 30 feet tall, the size of a 3-story building. The “security zone” surrounding it is 150 feet wide. The construction process will devastate your land. Once built, it will prevent you, your family and your neighbors access to the riverfront and leave a permanent scar that will decrease the value of your land forever. This damage is not worth whatever they pay you now.

You have better options.

If you protect your land, you could receive MORE income than what Fisher is offering you, without destroying the value of your property. Many of your fellow landowners along the Rio Grande have discovered this option and can show you how. Contact us to learn more.

Fisher has faced criminal charges.

Fisher Sand & Gravel is not an honest or respectable company. It is based in North Dakota, and has faced embarassing criminal charges for fraud and corruption. It is involved in lawsuits for building a border wall in the Rio Grande Valley that is poorly built, unstable and at risk of collapsing and was forced into a settlement with the U.S. government.

The Texas Tribune says:
[Fisher’s wall] has prompted federal lawsuits and is reportedly at risk of collapsing into the Rio Grande.
In 2020, the Texas Tribune and ProPublica published an extensive investigation that found Fisher’s private wall, right on the bank of the Rio Grande in Mission, was unsoundly built, a hazard to life and property during flood events, and at significant risk of falling into the river due to soil erosion.

Ryan Patrick, a former U.S. Attorney and son of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, led the Fed's lawsuit and has called Fisher’s wall a “scam.” “The whole thing was stupid,” he recently told the New York Times. “The erosion began almost immediately. I would not be happy if I lived in the vicinity of this thing.”

Walls don’t work.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security admitted that a border wall will not solve our immigration problems. There are more effective solutions to providing border security THAT WILL NOT DESTROY YOUR LAND. This includes cutting-edge technology already in use at the border that is much less expensive and much more effective.

You deserve better.

You can leave a rich, beautiful legacy for your children, grandchildren and community. Our communities have real needs that the government should be spending taxpayer money on, and an expensive, ineffective wall is not one of them. Instead, we need closer hospitals, better schools, and safer, more frequent transportation options. Border residents are tired of being ignored and taken advantage of. Let's work together to build the future we deserve.
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